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What is GameWire?

GameWire (Games) was built by 5 people by the names of Madara, Stewart, Peter, Patrick, and Aaron. All five of the founders of GameWire have had a past together, and are all unique in one way or another, and their goal on GameWire, is to provide you with the best gaming experience, community, and information when you need it!

At GameWire, its Trusted, Operator, Moderator, Administrator, and Founder teams strive to make GameWire the best on the web! GameWire provides free servers for the games Counter Strike and Minecraft. GameWire also provides accurate and fast game updates, release dates, information, and more via their main webpage and forums.

GameWire Servers

The base of the GameWire community comes from its servers that it runs. As an extreme gaming community, we are always striving to produce the most entertaining, high quality, no lag, and updated servers for our members. At the moment, our servers are based off of two games, Counter Strike and Minecrft.

Server List

Surf DeathMatch
Zombie Unlimited Ammo

GameWire news

December 11, 2011

FreeBuild and Lava Survival Minecraft Servers Back Up Again!

         View more information on the subject here...

December 9, 2011

GameWire Adopts Five new Counter-Strike Source Servers!

         View more information on the subject here...

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